New-FlyDiGi-CyberFox-X1-Bluetooth-Wireless-TWS-earphones-Low-Delay-In-ear-noise-cancelling-touch-game.jpg_Q90.jpg_ (1)
New-FlyDiGi-CyberFox-X1-Bluetooth-Wireless-TWS-earphones-Low-Delay-In-ear-noise-cancelling-touch-game.jpg_Q90.jpg_ (2)

Flydigi Cyberfox X1 سماعات بودز من فلاي ديجي

Flydigi Cyberfox X1 سماعات بودز من فلاي ديجي

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88,192 د.ع


New FlyDiGi CyberFox X1 Bluetooth Wireless TWS earphones Low Delay In-ear noise cancelling touch game E-sports headphones

products Name cyberfox X1 game
music TWS Bluetooth earphone
Product Positioning High-performance
Bluetooth earphone for mobile gamers, with low latency, high battery life,
and high sound quality
Target Customer Heavy
mobile game users, light mobile gamer and pan-entertainment users
Generation Z
Selling Point
latency(Flydigi continues to focus on creating low-latency technology for
games, with a 50ms delay across the entire link)
The delay of ordinary Bluetooth earphone is usually about 150ms, which is
not only game like PUBG,The unsynchronized sound and picture of ordinary
games or even watching TV series and movies will bring discomfort to the
perception.Low latency is not only the improvement of the gaming experience,
but also the Bluetooth earphone.In the evaluation, it should be explained that
Flydigi delays the full link from the signal from the mobile phone system to
the sound of the earphones by 50ms,Other earphones just say the delay between
receiving data at the earphone and emitting sound.Flydigi has continued for
three generations of headphones to focus on creating low-latency
technology,It is now the third generation of foxspeed low latency.
High battery life(6 hours of battery life in a
single time, 30 hours of battery life in the charging case)
Flydigi uses the latest chip solution of Hengxuan BES for 21 years, which
greatly reduces power consumption. It supports 6 hours of single use of the
headset and 24 hours of use on a single charge. Charge it once a week on
high sound quality(High sensitivity and
resolution speaker),In order to better monitor the details of the footsteps
in the game, Flydigi customized speakers with high sensitivity and
resolution. At the same time, the acoustic curve of Flydigi Silver Fox X1 has
a wider frequency range, and the low frequency response of sinking is more
full and powerful.
Compare with other brand 1. Low latency: The third-generation Foxspeed™ low-latency technology of
Flydigi,50ms ultra-low latency, and truly achieves no-inductive latency.
(Bluetooth earphones on the market generally have a delay of 150ms)
2. High battery life: 6 hours of battery life in a single time, 30 hours of
battery life in the charging case. (Bluetooth earphones on the market
generally last for 4 hours)
3.High sound quality: Use speakers with high sensitivity and resolution to
create high sound quality and a fuller response to low frequencies.(Many internal
test users feedback that the sound quality is close to airpods)
Detailed parameters

Customize 13.4mm large Dynamic to ensure high sound quality
2. Ergonomic shape, comfortable to wear for a long time
3. Hengxuan’s 21-year new flagship chip 2500IU, low power consumption, low
latency, high stability and high sound quality
4. ENC call noise reduction
5. Software function, OTA upgrade, switching delay, reading
power,adjustable EQ

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